Internationalisation in the MBO sector

Laatst gewijzigd: 17-07-2018

The globalisation of the labour market is developing rapidly. The international mobility of workers is increasing and Dutch society encompasses a great variety of nationalities and cultures. As a result, the international dimension in education has become increasingly important for the MBO sector.

The EU ambitions to make Europe smarter, greener and more sustainable  with a strong social  cohesion, gives the European VET sector a crucial role in achieving these targets. The current international labour market demands highly skilled and international competent workers who are able to participate in lifelong learning. It is the mission of the MBO Raad to support and advise its members in achieving this goal.

MBO Raad

The ‘MBO Raad’ is the Netherlands Association of VET colleges. The association represents all government funded colleges for secondary vocational education and training and adult education in the Netherlands. On behalf of its members, the MBO Raad promotes the collective interests of the sector, including educational innovations. The MBO Raad supports common activities of the colleges and acts as an employers’ organisation.

In order to advocate the interests of the VET sector on the European level and to promote international cooperation, the MBO Raad is a member of the European Providers of Vocational Education and Training (EUproVET) and the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE).