Vision on Internationalisation

Internationalisation is a good way to raise the level of education. Below are a few examples of how MBO Raad puts this into practice.

1. Study Abroad

The Netherlands wants ten percent of VET students to complete part of their studies outside the country. This requires the following actions:

  • Commitment by MBO Raad to further integrate foreign experience into study programmes;
  • Agreements between MBO Raad, Nuffic, sector organisations, industry groups and chambers of commerce to provide information to students on the importance of overseas experience for the labour market;
  • Cooperation between SBB (Foundation of Vocational Education and Labour market) and MBO Raad to improve and simplify the recognition procedure for practical training abroad.

2. Professionalisation of teachers

International cooperation offers VET teachers the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field, but also to discover new teaching methods. A study trip or internship abroad -at a school or company- also helps teachers to place their lessons in a professionally relevant (international) context. After all, it is the role of the teachers that is crucial in motivating students for an experience abroad.

3. Foreign students in VET

For VET students from a non-EEA country, it is possible on a limited scale to come to the Netherlands for a VET-study. However, this only applies to programmes at level 4. Please see for more information on these possibilities the link in the sidebar.

4. Involving VET in partnerships

The Dutch centres for innovative craftsmanship offer excellent students a challenging learning environment. Here, they are introduced to the latest technologies and learn how innovative companies work. MBO Raad encourages the government and schools to give VET a greater role in (international) partnerships with companies and research institutions, similar to the centres for innovative craftsmanship. In Europe, these centres are called "Centres of Vocational Excellence" (CoVEs).